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Walking with Kaurna through the city of Adelaide

This two-hour event includes workshops across three significant Kaurna sites in the CBD and is specifically designed to capture the interest of children and develop an understanding of the city as Kaurna land.

Each workshop is built around the historical significance of the sites and includes hands-on learning experiences and games.

The workshops begin in Tarntanyangga Kaurna Yerta (Victoria Square), a traditional meeting place, with attention drawn to the significance of the meeting place and the Aboriginal flag. The pavement art works at Reconciliation Plaza offer drawings and Kaurna words for the children to copy and learn from. 

The second stop is Pirltawardli (possum house), where the children learn about the first European school for Kaurna children, the importance of language (and loss of language), and then play Aboriginal children’s games, build wardlis (huts) and learn some Kaurna words and symbols.

The third and final stop is Pinky Flat on Karrawirra Parri, Redgum Forest River (Torrens River) where the children are invited to imagine Wardliparri, river house, (the milky way) above mirroring the river and community living along it below. Children's jobs are talked about and a game of collecting 'sugar bag' involving all the children is played out. 

Caring for Country is talked about at Karrawirra Parri as it is starkly evident that the current environment no longer provides the habitat requirements for the birds, aquatic animals, game, and biodiversity that supported Kaurna communities for tens of thousands of years.