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Aunty Elaine Magias

Elaine Magias is an Elder in the Kaurna community. She has worked for the Department for Education for 9 years, supporting Aboriginal students and families, while providing important cultural information for school staff.

Elaine was born on Kaurna land and has lived in many different lands throughout SA. Her mother was part of the stolen generation, being removed from her family at the age of 10, and separated from family, culture, and community for over 10 years.

Elaine has set out on her own journey to rediscover her heritage and learn the cultural ways of her ancestors.

Slowly learning Kaurna language, a language that was almost lost to its people through government policies, has been a powerful tool in her belonging and identity.

Following one short weaving lesson from an Elder, Elaine has gone on to make many, many baskets, and earrings, saying it takes her to a place she has never known before spiritually.

She has taught herself traditional string making techniques, and now also makes hunting/fishing nets.

Connecting to the traditional practices of the Kaurna people is highly valued and extremely important to Elaine. She is learning and honouring traditional cultural practices that are helping to keep alive the oldest continuous culture in the history of humankind.